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ideas of order

Featured Projects

Hudson Heights Apartment 

A new kitchen and bedroom for a family of four

Adirondacks Lakehouse

A new 4-bedroom house on Lake Champlain


Prayer structure for the Sukkot harvest festival

Village Loft

Combination of two lofts in a former chocolate factory

Dining Pavilion

Concept for a prefab timber dining pavilion



TriBeCa Loft

Renovation of a loft for a gallerist

Greenwich House

Interior Renovation of a house in Connecticut

On the Boards

SoHo Loft 

Renovation of a loft for an interior designer + entrepreneur

Williamsburg Loft 

Renovation of a loft in a former shoe polish factory

Southampton Addition

House extension including a bedroom, bathroom and studio

The Boroughs Golf Club 

Millwork design for a virtual reality golf club

Affordable Housing Conversion

Feasibility study for community group on converting a hotel into affordable housing 

Greenpoint Townhouse 

Full renovation of a townhouse for a family of four

Bay House

Interior and exterior renovation of a house in the Fire Island Pines

Fort Greene Townhouse

Renovation of a four story townhouse

Ideas of Order has worked in collaboration with the following artists and galleries: James Cohan Gallery, False Flag Gallery, Kara Walker, Josiah McElheny, Naudline Pierre, Elmgreen & Dragset

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